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Australia to Veenhuizen, Netherlands, it was worth the long trip!

15 mei 2016

After a long history of back problems I always managed to ease the pain by moving around as much as possible.
But in September 2015 I was in extreme pain in my right leg, this pain increased so much that after Xmas that year I could hardly move.
Did see many doctors, had CT scans, 2 cortisone injections, tried physio therapy etc.
Nothing worked and the pain got worse.
Doctor told me it needs time and you have to learn to live with it, this little friend. will always stay with you ….!
Could not believe it, have been given drugs for depression?? Why, I am in pain!
I searched on the Internet, being Dutch but live in Australia for nearly 40 years I started to look in Germany and the Netherlands and stumbled on the Hernia clinic in Veenhuizen, this was in February 2016.
I filled out the diagnostic form and the rest is history.
Communication was great, Veronique phoned me a couple of times to answer some questions I had and we organised the date for consultation with Dr. Menno Iprenburg.
All was explained very clearly and the decision for me to go ahead with the operation was made, I did feel totally confident in Dr. Iprenburg, in his knowledge and experience and that I was in safe caring hands.
Dr. Iprenburg and his team have been fantastic!
Now 2 months later, I feel fantastic, my family can’t believe the difference in me.
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, it was worth the long trip to the Netherlands.
Still don’t understand that this operation was not possible in Australia without the long waiting period of more then a year, and then you have to hope to be lucky to get the PTED operation..
How is it possible that the health system can have you wait that long when you are in so much pain?
I did not have this opportunity in Australia what I had at the Hernia Clinic in Veenhuizen, Netherland.
Thanks to the vision of Dr Iprenburg and his wife.

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