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TESSYS® system proves to be surgical rescue solution for kyphoplasty complication and thoracic disc herniation.

14 september 2016

Irvine, Germany, September 14th, 2016 – joimax®, the expert in endoscopic minimally invasive spine surgery, is pleased to announce another publication on its technologies to be released in World Neurosurgery (2016). In the paper called “Transpedicular Lumbar Endoscopic Surgery for Highly Migrated Disc Extrusions, a preliminary series and surgical technique,” published by Krzok G et al, 21 patients underwent this procedure with the TESSYS® system. The paper follows two technical notes by Wagner R et al in which he shows joimax® techniques as surgical rescue solutions in a kyphoplasty complication and another one for the treatment of a thoracic disc herniation, all published in World Neurosurgery.

Read more / lees meer: http://www.joimax.com/en/joimax-studies-published-world-neurosurgery-tessys-system-proves-surgical-rescue-solution-kyphoplasty-complication-thoracic-disc-herniation/

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